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GuangDong YingDong Law Firm is a partnership law firm established in ShenZhen. YingDong has more than 30 certificated lawyers who have undergraduate or above-level educational background.The firm has a top-grade office building ...     More...>>>

David Chen
Brief Introduction about david chen
David chen receives his master of laws in sichuang University and Bachelor arts of English lauguage in Guangdong normal University. Now he is a certificated lawyer in Guangdong YingDong Law Firm. As a professional lawyer, Mr. Chen has a broad experience in the field of international business, foreign investment, corporate law, logistics and maritime law, intellectually property, credit report, debt collection, etc. He can work as a legal consultant for a company or an individual and provide comprehensive legal services to them. Mr. Chen has undertaken many key and complicated cases involving both domestic and international laws. In those cases, Mr. Chen and his team has earned an outstanding reputation both within and outside of China.